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Customized Application Development

Our analysts, solution architects, coders, engineers, quality assurance experts, and project managers. transform your wish-list into a customized, feature-rich application software that meets your business needs. We apply different development methodologies depending on the size and nature of the project and the type and location of the client. In most cases we also provide an after-sales service for easy maintenance of software.

Every project begins with big picture, followed by a detailed strategy, designing an amazing user experience and, finally, bringing visions of your startup or project to life. Our expert designers and developers work in agile development environments, working quickly—keeping you up to date from start to finish. In every project, we are continually designing, testing, iterating and validating based on real user data and experience, ensuring only the best final product..

Wide range of skills & technology

Clients all over the world from different industries rely on our solutions with cutting-edge mobile trends and technology.

At the individual level, however, each member of our team is a specialist. We bring together the best developers and experts from all backgrounds. So regardless of the technology requirement, you can be rest assured there will be an expert working on it.

Expert and professional IT consultancy

AITL provides a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassle out of your IT infrastructure. Consulting industry experts has always proven to be beneficial and a wise investment of resources for areas of your business where there might be knowledge gaps. AITL is committed to helping clients make the best possible business decisions by listening intently and making sure to gain a full understanding of business processes, objectives, issues, challenges, and people. The extensive domain knowledge and experience of experts at AITL helps clients make right decisions.



Going for development of first iteration of commercial version after developing the prototype and MVP.


Creating Data / content, going through process of quality assurance, testing. for the Alpha, Beta and final release.


Product delivery, continuous support for maintenance and modification of the product with dedicated team support.

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